Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote in eserver,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

TDP for VMWare installer and IBM support rant

yAy. More TSM issues. There's defect in TSM client 7.1, but IBM says it only exists in 6.3 and 6.4. There's a patch level about 2 weeks old (, but there are no lists of what's fixed in this patch.

I installed this, plus of the VMWare agent, and the node that runs the GUI failed to update. The installer won't uninstall, reinstall, or repair. Windows uninstall just runs their installer.

IBM says that I should not call them, but I should use their simple website to submit a problem report. To report the defect, I have to use my customer's ID. I can't do this as a business partner unless I have my own support contract, beyond the money we pay to have access to support and software on a yearly basis.

To have access to a customer's ID, I have to wait for approval, of course. Beyond that, it shows up in a list that simply says "United States". So if I have, say 10 customers, I have no idea which number is for which customer.

Also, when selecting the product I want, there is no tree. It's a JAVA APPLET which has a list of products. I can search, but the naming is not consistent. Some say "Tivoli Storage Manager" and some say "TSM". Even for different versions of the same product, this naming difference occurs.

When I find it, it says that there will be a delay if I chose this product. Am I sure I want to chose this product? WTF?

There are no places to report any of these errors through the support organization, and no links on the pages to report them either. I have to report them to a general form 8 links away that may or may not be able to help.

Ginny Rometty is so focused on cutting cost to boost stock prices so her stock options at company exit have value, that she's downright gutting the infrastructure required for things like quality assurance and customer usability. Yes, everything is being updated for usability, but if it has worse functionality, or breaks entirely, then it's not REALLY a usability update.

Anyway, after supper, I'm going to call on the phone and listen to all of the messages telling me how easy it is to open a support request online, and that I should hang up and visit the web instead of wasting their dollars to fill out a new PMR that takes them months of training to be able to almost figure out. Then, I'll wait for an email because they don't ever call back anymore, and haven't been live-call-in for years.

The email will ask me to uninstall the software and try again. I won't be able to preemptively tell them anything in advance because I won't have online access to the PMR because I'm waiting for approval and then I have to remember which customer number to look under.
Tags: complaint, ibm, rant, tdp, tivoli, ve, vmware
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