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So, it came out 2 months ago, but here's the summary:
* D model numbers (9117-MMD, 9719-MHD, etc)
* Up to 128 cores in a p780+ (vs 96 in MMC)
* Double the RAM capacity (4 TB)
* CoD CPU and RAM can be in a pool shared by multiple systems.

* AIX 7.1 TL2, 71TL01SP06, 71TL00SP08, 61TL08, 61TL07SP06, 61TL06SP10
* AIX 5.3 TL12 SP07 (Expected but not released yet. Only for extended support)
* VIO 2220, VIO2215 (Dec19)
* HMC 7.7.6 (CR3 or later, and 3GB of RAM if over 256 LPARs total)
* i6.1 only supported through VIO or i7.1 client.

New 1.8" SSD enclosure:
* UltraSSD: New 1U drawer with 30SSDs (GX++ PCIe Cable and two SAS RAID controllers)
* UltraSSD 1U drawer has four 4xSAS ports for running two EXP24S 2U drawers.
* UltraSSD controllers will support EASY TIER for AIX and VIO in 2013.
* UltraSSD will be added to DS8k line in 2013.

New Disk-as-Tape device:
* "RDX" Removable Disk - looks like tape, but it hot-swap disk to replace pre-LTO tech.
* RDX SATA supported on iSeries as optical
* RDX USB supported on AIX and VIO as well.

New I/O components:
* IBM Rackswitch options, with 1GB, 10GB and 40GB ethernet ports.
* PCIe2 dual-port Remote DMA over Ethernet (vs Infiniband for low latency MPI)
* GX++ Dual Port 10gbit FCoE or 10gbit FC Adapters for p770/p780 (no Linux. iSeries through VIO)
* GX++ Dual Port 16GBFC or 10GBFCoE Adapters for p795 (no Linux or iSeries)

Hardware Enhancements:
* 4 sockets per CPU card (vs 2-sockets)
* Supports 64GB DIMMs (vs 32GB)
* Lower heat/power consumption with 32nm vs 45nm
* Better performance per core with 10MB L3 Cache vs 4MB and up to 4.4GHz
* Active Memory Expansion performance improved with on-chip Compression Accelerator
* Crypto accelerator for AES, SHA and RSA
* Random number generator on die
* Four floating point pipelines vs 2 (single precision takes 1, DP takes 2)
* Higher concurrency during firmware updates (Can reset one core at a time)
* Higher uptime with redundant lanes in cache and in CEC interconnect cables
* CPU upgrades for MMA, MMB and MMC will include new CEC enclosures.
* Free CoD: Includes 240GB memory days and 15 processor days per CPU initially shipped
* Free CoD: Includes 90 days of full activation (one shot)

FLEX Hardware:
* p260 and p460 dual-port FCoE Mezzanine to support dual VIO
* New FCoE 8-port switch module to support new FCoE mezzanine cards
* New FC switch module
* New v7000 module
* New USB-3 storage drawer (1x RDX, 2X DVD-RAM)

Hardware Withdrawals:
* No PCI-X, HSL, RIO-1, or IOP support in POWER8
* 3.5" SAS drawers to be withdrawn in 2013.
* SCSI DISK SUPPORT IS DROPPED!!! SCSI Tape still okay on PCI-X #5736 in I/O drawer
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