Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote in eserver,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

svcconfig backup no longer works?

I updated firmware from to on this new v7000.

Trying to re-backup the config, I get:
IBM_2076:v7000:xaminmo>svcconfig backup
CMMVC6202E This command can only be run by the superuser.

CMMVC6156W SVCCONFIG processing completed with errors

I search on this, and 3 hits, all the docs.

Reference > Block storage system messages and codes > Command-line interface messages

The cluster was not modified because the IP address is not valid.

An attempt was made to change the IP address of a cluster to an address that is not valid.
User response

Correct the address and reissue the command.
Parent topic: Command-line interface messages

What makes it most annoying is that:
A) You cannot use the same authorized_keys SSH key for more than one user
B) Only one key attempt is allowed

So, if using pagent, you have to delete the key you used for the other user, and add the one for superuser. You can't have both.
Tags: 2076, 2145, ibm, storage, stupid, svc, upgrades, v7000
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